I hate Avatars. They’re the stoopid pics you see on message boards that some of the less refined posters out there think are cool or somehow represent themselves. For the power readers, they’re flat out annoying.

Thank God (again and again) for Firefox. Under your content preferences –> load images check box there’s another check box simply stating “for the originating website only”. Check it! This little feature kills all external links to images not on the host site and thus cleans up an otherwise messy message board.

For a quick comparison, check out this thread at one of my favorite boards: http://www.pewterreport.com/Forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=17481

If you don’t have that aforementioned check box checked you will see stoopid pictures of Caddy Williams, Gruden, Seminole Pride, Superman, etc.

Now go to your preferences, check that darn box, and hit refresh. Avatars gone! Content restored to its rightful position! All hail the King!