When I got tired, I slept. When I got hungry, I ate….
When I had to go, you know…I went.
Forest Gump

That pretty much sums up my career as a student at the school formerly known as the Woman’s College of Florida and later the Florida State University of Parallel Parking.

Recently with the advent of this blog and some writing excercises in the evening, I have been nostalgic for my youth…or at least that which I remember from the fog of five years of higher academia and weekend buzzes. I was inventorying the actual shreds of knowledge I picked up here and there and filing them into some dusty drawer in my brain. There are some choice pieces a few professors gave me as well as a number of unsolicited articles of advice from friends whose names I cannot remember.

But I think the most important things I learned came between the punch-ins and punch-outs of the timeclocks that dictated my spare time between classes and drinking binges. No matter the job, the boss, the customer, or the co-workers…they were all just actors in the play. The experience, the play itself, shaped what I am today.

It’s funny…over on Brad’s blog I was reading a post going back and forth about cluelessness. I took a stab at a comment and all of a sudden felt somewhat smart again. I then woke up and realised such a distraction was preventing me from getting to the bank to cash my paycheck.

Nostalgia. Yeah, I was nostalgic for that day right after my last exam and before the rest of my life.