I figured now was a good time in my life to start blogging again. I gave it a stab a long ago before the likes of blogger showed up and made it easy for every tom, dick, and harry to share their opinions with the world. I quickly abandoned blogging when it no longer pleased me as a writing excercise. Since then, I have continued to read many, many blogs and do enjoy the subculture the blogosphere has created. Hell, I don’t watch much in the way of MSM nowadays thanks to the plethora of rss feeds, blogs, et al out there.

Now that the bug is back, I asked myself why in the world I would get back into this again. For one, I miss writing as a daily objective. When I use to write in college (a lot), it helped hone my writing skills, distract me from daily life, and clear my head of thoughts that normally would have made someone sane insane.

Second, blogging tools have gotten a lot more sophisticated and easier to use. Enough of the creative process has now been sheilded from the content delivery machina to make the metaphor of pen to paper the closest I have seen from both perspectives as a writer and coder.

Finally, the chances of me leaving any kind of world renowned legacy behind when my corporeal form has been reduced to dust are pretty slim. I’d like to think that at the very least my son Oliver would appreciate reading one of my posts many years from now to see who his father was.

If you google “why blog?” you can see I’m not the only one who has asked themselves that same question. In fact, you could probably study quite a bit about people by simply reading their responses to that very question. Perhaps during a slow blogging week I will tackle that issue. In the meantime I’ll just focus on the randomness that is life.